UK Gambling Commission was established and authorized in 2005 with the aim of regulating gambling industry. It is considered as one of the best practice of gambling regulations.

UK Gambling Commission ensures that gambling in the UK does not involve crime and that gambling in the UK is fair and clear. UK Gambling Commission also works to avoid children to gamble.

Different from other authorities, UK Gambling Commission offers remote-operation license for each event type like Betting, Casino, Slot Games etc.

UK Gambling Commission was combined with National Lottery Commission in 2013 and with the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 Gambling Commission continues to do best for the interests of English players.

Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 was designed to regulate the gambling advertisements for British people. Thanks to this act, it is required to get a remote-operation license for the all gambling operators, which provide remote gambling service, from UK Gambling Commission. Even off-shore operators need an appropriate license to provide service to the British people.

UK Gambling Commission is considered one of the most trustworthy gambling regulation authority around the world. 

UK Gambling Commission ensures;

  •              players' fund to be separated form business funds
  •              age verification and underage gambling
  •              protection of players from problematic gambling behaviors.
  •              usage of licensed gaming software by the license holder
  •              misleading advertisements
  •              protection against money laundering and utilization of legal payment options.
  •              providing qualified solutions for customer service with the aim of resolving customers' problems