Lottoland Scam Alert Review

Lottoland positions itself as a website that offers the services of the largest Lotteries to its users, assuring the honesty of its work and attracting with great promotions. And what is the main disappointment for users? In this post, you will find a grave list of unscrupulous lies to its users.

How do Lottoland works?


Lottoland offers people in Ireland the chance to bet on a wide range of international lotteries. At Lottoland you bet on the outcome of the official draw, based on exactly the same prizes as the official lottery. For all intents and purposes, you will have the exact same customer experience as if you were entering the official lottery, except that you are effectively betting on the lottery with us. Lottoland is able to pay out any wins, large or small, and the proceeds can then be withdrawn by you whenever you wish. (Statement to users by Lottoland.)

The scam points of Lottoland!

Lottoland is doing everything not to pay a player’s winning.

Even it’s a licensed website, Lottoland applies rules of its license only not to pay winning to the players.


For a small amount such as 2000 Euro winning, they have requested many documents, and the most annoying thing, that they ask for these documents one by one. One day they require your bank statements and ask you to wait 72 hours for document verification. After 72 hours they ask you to provide another document and of course later they ask you to wait another 72 hours again. It's like a deliberate delayю!


Then they tell you that you need to send them a screenshot, instand of sending a PDF document, or copy of printed version or any other generally acceptable way of documents providing. As usual part of that type procedure. They only abuse their licence rules and wants you to lose your money during this document verification process.


They have the worst customer service in the industry, they do not give clear answers to your question and the only thing they say: “wait for document verification process”.


The funny thing is that this website claims they let players play EuroJackpot via their website. Considering what they are doing with players for a 2000 Euro winning. Are you really thinking that Lottoland will pay a EuroJackpot winning which is more than 20 Million Euros? With this scam system, it's impossible!


Lottoland has no affiliation with any of the official lottery organizations, they claim they only let players bet on the outcome of the lottery. Even they claimed that they are able to pay any amounts, there is no real LOTTERY TICKET. So it would not be surprising, that you get nothing, even if you know all the lottery numbers while played them on Lottoland.

We ask the visitors of our website to be careful and not let any same website to circle themselves around the nose. We hope this post was useful to you and you will not fall for the bait of Lottoland scammers!